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Our solutions help health care organizations protect electronically protected health information (ePHI) and meet the complexities of HIPAA.


The health care comprises of various hospitals, homes, pharmacies, retail urgent care facilities, nursing health insurance companies and much more. Health care organizations deal with responsive electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), which encompasses information of individuals ranging from names and Social Security numbers. In addition, individuals use credit cards in such organizations to make payments. This amalgamation of ePHI and financial data is becoming more valuable day by day. In fact, most of the breaches that occurred in 2014 involved healthcare performance or their business connections.

Everyone is using electronic devices to connect with the internet like computers and to access, receive, transmit and store patient information. These results in effectiveness win and improved patient care, so far these devices often lack fundamental security, such as access controls and encryption, making them susceptible to threat and data loss.



Abattis helps you make the most of this experience through the real-time revealing of managed and unmanaged devices to avoid threats, validate users, and guard data in case the procedure is lost or stolen.


Abattis's data security solutions will assist you to find out and categorize data that wants security, and make sure it doesn't leave in the incorrect hands.


Abattis solutions are created with compliance in mind as health care industry facing Regulatory pressures need organizations to have a systematic understanding of their risks.


Abattis cloud-based platform gives you a single view into of your technologies and services, so you can more efficiently supervise your safety program.

Our Approach

Abattis provides a complete and flexible collection for health care organizations, ensuring to protect their infrastructure, networks, data, and users which are adjacent to today's higher threats. We make certain of the fulfillment of system and requirements such as HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS. We help your employees to proactively recognize the indications of a cyber threat and reactive ways to combat it.

All your cybersecurity requirements under one roof.

Let us help you in securing your organization through our proactive, active, and reactive cybersecurity solutions.

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