Payment Services

Payment Services

Our solution protects the payments chain ensuring all the parties are PCI DSS compliant.


The threats in the payments industry are increasing day by day as threats to credit and debit card data come from all directions. Payment industry facility providers, which comprise point-of-sale (POS) vendors and various payment gateways, need to treat data security and compliance as a top main concern.

Payment via the card is the easiest and simplest way used by individuals all across. So the payment cards are one of the most expensive forms of approachable data and countenance the mainly continual bullying of theft and scam. These attacks frequently engross capably organized, savvy international crime groups, who develop their tools and processes to avoid the security process and grab credit and debit card information.



Abattis solutions are created with compliance in mind as the health care industry facing Regulatory pressures needs organizations to have a systematic understanding of their risks.


Recognize and mitigate safety gaps to make sure payment controls are amenable with industry requirements, such as PCI-DSS.


Set your industry apart in a busy and competitive marketplace. Abattis helps in securing your payment services and consumer’s cardholder data in a secure manner.


Examine e-commerce action and prohibited categories in genuine time to congregate card brand requirements.

Our Approach

Abattis holds a good and wide experience in helping the members of the payment industry with services such as vulnerability testing for application, cloud, network, and server. Our solutions guard each step in the outflow chain and make certain all involved parties stay compliant. We help payment services in securing their data and help them in becoming amendable with card brand and industry mandates.

All your cybersecurity requirements under one roof.

Let us help you in securing your organization through our proactive, active, and reactive cybersecurity solutions.

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