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A simple way to develop a new habit

Taking cues for the book I am reading... Atomic Habits...I learned a simple and effective way to inculcate new habits. Habits- Good-Neutral-Bad, Observe yours and find out the ones which have a good effect or at least a neutral one.

Rather than starting with a bang and sounding and feeling it too heavy on your mindset to develop new habits. simply observe one good or neutral habit you have and try to slip it in between another one…

Just like when you buy a phone then you plan to buy its case, a wireless charger, or an extra cable for your car, likewise, when you are brewing your coffee then try to meditate for 60 seconds or try that 1 min plank you always wanted to do.

Just after you put down your phone to finally sleep, make sure you kiss your partner and say goodnight… maybe even hug once a week will make it a stronger and better relationship.

So… rather than starting all over again, just slip in some good gestures and start small by adding small extras to the habits you're used to…make sure to say it out loud to make it more impactful... I WILL DO 10 PUSHUPS JUST AFTER I CLOSE MY LAPTOP FOR specific in terms of action and time.

You can comment, email me on with your feedback and experiences. Will be happy to hear from you.


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